Reimagine What Hearing Aids Can Do

The world’s first multi-purpose Healthable™ hearing aid.
Starkey Livio Ai is the world’s first hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence that tracks brain and body health. Experience exceptional sound quality and live a more active and healthy life

Hearing Performance

Sound Quality

Starkey’s Hearing Reality™, helps you hear more comfortably in challenging environments and enjoy enhanced clarity of speech.

Rechargeable Technology

Groundbreaking built-in technology makes life easier, needing only one charge for 24 hours of hassle-free hearing.

Wireless Streaming

Now with wireless streaming capabilities — phone calls, music, TV and more can be streamed directly to your device.

Healthable™ Technology

Body & Brain Tracking

Livio AI is the very first hearing aid to feature integrated sensors that track health activities of the brain and body.

Fall Detection & Alerts

In the event of a fall, Livio AI’s integrated sensors and artificial intelligence can detect the fall and alert selected contacts.

Information Assistance

Thrive Assistant

Quickly explore helpful information about your Livio AI hearing aids and accessories with this app-based feature.


Communicate easily with those who speak other languages using the user friendly tool found in the Thrive™ Hearing Control app.


Capture conversations that can be transcribed and displayed in text on your smartphone with the Thrive™ Hearing Control app.

Self Check

Take advantage of the Thrive™ Hearing Control app’s diagnostic test to find out how your hearing aid system is performing.

Tap Control

No longer fumble with buttons when you need to stop audio streaming. Integrated sensors allow you to simply tap your ear twice.

Find My Hearing Aids

Simply find both the location and a timestamp of your lost hearing aids using the Find My Hearing Aid feature.

Hear Better - Live Better

Starkey Livio® Ai technology doesn’t only improve your hearing, it improves your life as well. Get started with a free trial at American Hearing + Audiology.